Public Sector Advisory

We provide the following services, among others to public institutions, labs, agencies, centers, etc

  • Sub-contracting design and development. Your Center can ask our company to help in design and development of some project blocks based on your overall big picture. You will need to specify and possibly give us a datasheet of what the block will do. We will design and deliver based on the specs.

  • Jumpstarting transistor level design. We can help your Center start integrated circuit design. This will enable the Center to transform some embedded systems into microchips. This will save space, area, power as well as cost. For instance, one can implement some Fuzzy logics with the help of digital circuits. We will work with your team to setup the lab, train them in the CAD tool for IC design, provide the support in foundry for IC fabrication as well as help in chip testing. We have experiencees via MOSIS, CMP Canada, MCP France and Europractice.

  • FPGA and Microcontroller embedded systems training. We have the best embedded systems training program in Nigeria today. We have hosted staff from federal agencies and many universities. We will be happy to develop a course tailored for your projects. We do deliver onsite and offsite and can easily come to your office. We cover Altera, PIC, NI, Atmel, and other major brands.

  • Advisory services. Fasmicro provides technical consulting and advisory services to companies, agencies and institutions across the continent. What this means is that we can help you examine some of your technical projects and offer ideas on the best way you can do them. These services can go to the level of circuits, boards as well as strategic mission of projects.  When you need help to architect things like Tech Hub, our in-house economists can also help. We provide a complete advisory solution packaged for development.

  • Co-product development and marketing. Fasmicro is open to work with your Center to co-develop products which can be jointly marketed in Nigeria or possibly sell the IPs.  Under this arrangement, we provide the technical domain expertise, you fund it.

  • Microelectronics education (more)