• Curricula development: In this case, we help our clients modernize their school programs and put them in line with the state of the art (mobile computing, microelectronics, and more)

  • Advisory (governments, schools, firms): We help governments, schools and firms carry studies and provide roadmaps on how they can implement semiconductor and microelectronics policies/strategies. We can partner with you on you visioning programs or simply build technology acceleration programs into your budgets.

  • International intermediaries:When you need to contact foreign partners in these areas, we will help you link to them in US, Canada, China, and all over the world. Either it is wafer or PCB manufacturing, we provide solutions with commitment to quality.

  • Conferences and Workshops:Fasmicro houses some of the best minds in this area. We help our clients understand the business through custom  seminars, conferences and workshops where we can lead as project champions or purely as technical leads.

  • Proposal/Grant development:When it comes to writing that foreign grant, Fasmicro is here to lead in the technical and non-technical aspects of semiconductors and microelectronics.

  • Contract Design Services:Let us help you get that product to the market. Just contract all design aspects to us - the firmaware, the board, the systems, etc

  • Support and Supplies of lab tools: Buy your osciloscope, CAD, meters and other electrical/electronics lab equipment from us

  • Management of IP:We help clients manage their intellectual properties and develop standard and procedures related to the electronic industry.

  • Technology Economics: We carry technical research for economic development on tech related areas (more)


We guarantee 100% confidentiality to our clients as they share data on their people, processes and tools to enable us serve them.