Fasmicro is a Design Services and Training Partner with Altera Corporation - a NASDAQ traded U.S. corporation with market cap in excess of $11 billion. Through this, Fasmicro brings world class engineering of Altera FPGA, CPLD and ASIC to our clients and trainees. Fasmicro is Africa's leader in embedded systems consulting and design services. Visit Altera website to see Fasmicro listed as one of the three African companies that cover our region.

Whether you’re looking for an intensive curriculum, or just to brush up on your skills, Fasmicro offers training to help you sharpen your competitive edge.  Our courses are designed for your professionals with some of these titles:

  • CPLD Designer
  • FPGA Designer
  • ASIC-to-FPGA Designer
  • HardCopy Designer
  • DSP Designer
  • SOC Designer
  • Embedded HW Designer
  • Embedded SW Designer
  • Transceivers
  • Scripting

Fasmicro offers BASIC, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED Altera FPGA training programs.

Please call or email us for custom ones.