Fasmicro offers corporate customers the opportunity to share the piece of our brand. We include your logo (in front) along with/without the iconic Ovim logo on tablets we design and manufacture for clients. 

Simply, we know that you are proud of your brand. And that means you will like your logo on your tablet.

Imagine sending those corporate gifts during Christmas and other holidays or simply anytime replacing those baskets of cookies with tablets. And when the tablets are branded with your logo, is that not priceless? They work daily, play daily with the device and your brand is there. It is branding at its best.

This service comes with corporate mobile apps which we will develop for you. We build the apps in the firmware so that as the tablets come up, the clients will see your logo, products and services.  This experience is the same as what happens when you see the Microsoft logo as your laptop or PC boots up.

This is what we do, we are experts. Talk to us. Have a piece of Ovim and let us share a brand in your tablets.