Energy Audit & Solutions

If you’re serious about saving on high energy costs and making your home or small office more comfortable, you need an energy audit by Fasmicro.

We will perform a diagnostic energy audit using Fasmicro EnergyAudit and implement cost effective measures to make your location more comfortable, reduce your energy bill, recommend inverter, battery specs. Do not enter the market and buy inverters and batteries without knowing the right capacity you need. Contact the experts today and let us help you.

Fasmicro provides energy audits for homes and companies. Our engineers will visit your location to ascertain the energy requirement you need by taking note of all the power outlets and your future expansion plans. Using our computer model which optimizes our recommendation process, we ensure you do not waste resources on energy. 

Our commitment is to help you run your home or office efficiently and effectively. Fasmicro also provides mobile apps interface so that you can manage your energy consumption on smartphones. We will also let you know the day you need to change your battery cells as they age via SMS. Let us take care of the energy issues so that you can focus on your life and business.



Contact us today and let us help you determine the capacity of the inverter, battery, and lighting systems your home or office needs.