Fasmicro EnviroMeter

Fasmicro EnviroMeter is the most advanced pollution metering system (to our knowledge) designed by Africans to track the level of CO2 in the city. Our motivation is simple: African policy-makers are making decisions without data.  We want to empower them with a simple, but rugged technology, that will help them see how much CO2 that is present in the air, at any time. We capture the CO2 and then develop a Pollution Map which anyone with cellphone can access.


EnviroMeter has a GSM module interface which enables communication with simple phone. Just send SMS to a number and within seconds you get the data. If you want historical data, a link will be provided where you can download it. We guarantee data reliability from this technology by more than 99.99%. 

EnviroMeter is available for immediate sales. We will supply and give you documentation on installation. Except ensuring that EnviroMeter is powered, it has no maintenance requirement. It has on-board battery that can save data for many days in case grid power is not available. When grid power returns, it automatically begins to charge the battery and then use the grid. As data is acquired, we wirelessly transmit data to a central station which is nothing but a computer with a special interface. That data is converted in Excel or any standard format you want for analysis.


For more about this technology, read the basic underlining system, FA 1050X. Email Fasmicro info@fasmicro.com for quotes – we can supply across Africa. If you are a Foundation, you can help cities acquire this important technology.