Affordable Smart Meters for Nigerian Households and Businesses

To ensure that power utilities operating in Nigeria solve the problem of revenue loss (unpaid power), there is need to deploy intelligent smart meters with capacity to effectively monitor and bill energy consumption in real-time. For years, the challenge has always been how to get customers to pay for services so that companies can invest in the technology and innovations of the future. As part of that strategy, the utilities need smart meters with prepaid capabilities which are affordable. The present meters and evolving smart meters in the nation are very expensive even at sub-par capabilities.


We have a solution that offers top-rate smart metering capabilities with STS standard, and uses 20 digits encrypted token as data exchange media and yet cost less than 30% of the ongoing cost. Key advantages are as follows:

Compatibility:  STS ensures interoperability between system components from different system manufacturers

International Standard: Comply with IEC62055 the only international series of specifications of prepayment meter.

Security: As safe as bank account; security approved by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) & FIPS.

Virtual media: Data exchange mode supports multiple vending methods (SMS, Scratch card, POS, E-vend, Internet etc)

Easy Maintenance: The system is virtually maintenance-free

Electricity Illegal tapping prevention: Our technology ensures that only metered energy can be active and usable

The meter is developed with advanced measuring, controlling and communication technologies. Meter is equipped with high accuracy measuring function as well as power control function. The following are the main features:

Anti-tamper function

Active power measurement: Reverse current can be cumulated as forward one or measured separately.

Parameter monitor: Power consumption, balance power, voltage, current, power load, consumption history, etc

Power load control

Over load re-connect manually or automatically: If over load lasts for 45 seconds, meter will trip off power and reinstall in 150 seconds. If meter trips 5 times in 30 minutes, it will suspend power for 45 minutes before reinstall, manual or auto.

Lifeline power load function: When applied, customer can still use power under life-line power load even without credit

Night time& holiday assured function: Meter can be configured that it will not cut off power during night or holidays.

Harmful appliance recognition: Meter can recognize harmful appliance (e.g. heater in dormitory) and cut off power Overdraft function: When applied, customer can over-draft and use power after meter runs out of credit

Pre-warning and Warning function: Meter will give sound and visible alarm when balance power is less than pre-warning and warning threshold. Meter can also give warning for over load, temper, wire false or other abnormal situation.

Event record: Meter can record up to 50 events with time and type.