FASMICRO now offers local PCB (printed circuit board) production services to clients in Africa. 

Your printed circuit board is a unique creation — and our obligation is to build it exactly as you designed it. To do that, we need a full set of design files. Because each order is so unique, how to deliver your build instructions is flexible. The details below outline all the file transfer methods available, and their requirements, so you can choose which works best for you.

Orders will be run "as sent" using our standard manufacturing process.

PCB Design Guidelines

Native Design File submitted from:

·         EAGLE

·         Altium (Protel)

·         OrCAD

·         National Instruments' Circuit Design Suite (Ultiboard)

·         IVEX

·         PCB123


Traditional Gerber-style file set (RS274-X preferred), including:

·         Excellon Drill File

·         Drill Tool List (sometimes embedded in Drill File)

·         Top and Bottom Copper - positive polarity

·         Inner Layers (2 or 4) - polarity based on design

·         Top and Bottom Soldermask - negative polarity (presence of data will represent the absence of soldermask on the board. Outline only will cover the board with soldermask)

·         Top and Bottom Silkscreen - positive polarity

·         Board Outline (if not already present on another layer)

·         Aperture/D-Code List (if file set not RS274-X compliant)

You can make payment via local bank deposit or via Paypal/credit card. Contact info@fasmicro.com.