The following are our core services:

  • Energy Audit and Solutions through FASMICRO EnergyAudit

  • Embedded sysems and embedded software design consultants

    • we accept any level of engineering complexity in our area of expertise  and help clients find solutions to their business technical challenges.
  • Technical Advisory

    • Europractice: We help schools and government labs setup microelectronics IC design labs via Europractice and Cadence CAD (more).

    • Contract Research & Development (PCB, FPGA, uC, etc)

    • Microelectronics Education (more)

    • Curricula development, proposal development, technology economics, etc.

    • Read about more services here.

  • Support and Supplies - Development kits, labware, Electronics Design CAD, modules, PCB equipment, VLSI software, Arduino, Respberry Pi, products from Altera, Microchip etc and components

  • We provide consulting/training services on microelectronics, embedded systems, and mobile apps.  Here are some examples of the technical services we offer:

    • processor/microcontroller selection and system architecture

    • support of control and instrumentation installations

    • firmware development or embedded software development

    • RTOS selection or evaluate the need for an operating system

    • application development for microcontroller and DSP devices

    • PCB design, schematic design, schematic review, layout, layout review,