Technology Economics

(Technology transfer, tech clusters, and more)

We enable local, state and federal governments across Africa to develop semiconductor and microelectronics strategies. We help you carry studies and a roadmap on how the diffusion of these technologies will help to advance your constituency and transition it from dependence on minerals and hydrocarbons to be knowledge driven. Either you are planning a Technology Park or Technology Village, we will provide a winning idea. In this business segment, here are some of the areas we focus:


  • Technology transfer model:We help clients understand the best paradigm to transfer emerging technologies. We propose FDI, university model, or other ways depending on the needs and time-frame of our client.
  • Local and National Vision/Technology Policy:When nations, states or local governments plan to have strategic visions, Fasmicro will help provide the economic aspects involved in having a functional and creative semiconductor industry in your constituency. Microelectronics is arguably the most dominant industry in this century; we will make it drive that policy.
  • Technology cluster and mapping for regions, states and cities:Semiconductor and microelectronics affect all sectors. Get us involved and Fasmicro will provide that understanding on what clusters will do to your constituency. We put technologies together and examine their economic interactions.